Just Cellular : We are an honest, hard working family business and have sold tens of thousands of cell phones online with very few problems. We stand by our products, and our customers. We are committed to giving you the best replacement cell phones available anywhere.
Tax Policy
California state residents are subject to sales tax.
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We strive to provide accurate descriptions of the cell phones that we sell, and we stand behind them, however, should you receive a phone that is not as described, we will be happy to replace it for you. While we are fully prepared to replace any part of your purchase if it is not as described, and even help you activate your phone with your carrier, we do not offer refunds unless a replacement is unavailable. In this case we will refund the cost of the phone only.

Our warranty period is for 14 days from the day that you receive the phone. The purpose of the return period is to give you ample time to thoroughly test the phone. We are unable to extend the warranty beyond this time.

Please note, if we receive the phone and it does not have the problem reported or show signs of excessive wear, we will resend the phone and no replacement will be offered. Please make sure that you want the phone before purchasing, the internet is a wonderful place to buy cell phones; however, we do incur substantial transaction fees and shipping charges to send you the phone.

PLEASE READ - Issues we DO NOT Cover

We thoroughly test every function of the phones that we sell to insure that they work. Nevertheless, a recent trend in cell phone usage is that more people are using the non-voice features on cell phones, such as the Internet browser, text messaging, picture messaging, downloadable ring tones, downloadable wallpaper, etc. We do provide links to user manuals; however, due to long customer service calls seeking training and assistance, we are unable to provide assistance to warrant these features.

We do warrant the voice calling and receiving on the phone, that the phone is eligible for activation, and that the display is good, and looks as described in our ad. Please make sure the phone you are purchasing has the features you desire.

We are unable to warrant damages caused by misuse of the phone including, but not limited to: damage from water, physical damage, unauthorized repair, negligence, or abuse. If you drop and break your phone, it is not covered.

On all refurbished phones that we sell, we warrant that they are free from blemishes, scratches, scuffs, or other signs of noticeable wear unless otherwise noted. We DO NOT warrant, however, the exact shade of color or minor variations in housing fit that do not affect the function of the phone.
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